How the watch works

The production and production of watches is based on a simple and witty invention, which is the "spring", which can tighten and store energy, and slowly release the energy to push the running device and pointer in the watch to display The function of time, such a spring device in the watch is called the main spring. The watch construction watch consists of a watch head and a watch strap (watch buckle). The parts of the head include: movement, case, bottom cover, mirror, literal (often said dial), pointer, put (time adjustment, also called), order (partial requirements).

The watch works, the watch is a precision instrument used to indicate time. The principle of the instrument is to use a constant-cycle, continuous vibration system as the standard. If you know the time (vibration period) required for the vibration system to complete the full vibration of a watch and calculate the number of vibrations, then the time it takes after the vibration is so many times is equal to the vibration period multiplied by the number of vibrations. That is, time = vibration period × number of vibrations




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